Hazbin Hotel Original Character

Hazbin Hotel Original Character

Hazbin Hotel Original Character

- Introducing the Original Characters of Hazbin Hotel: A Guide to the Fiendish Cast

– Introducing the Original Characters of Hazbin Hotel: A Guide to the Fiendish Cast

Step into the chaotic realm of Hazbin Hotel, where a colorful ensemble of original characters captivates audiences with their hellish charm and mischievous adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the depths of the Hazbin Hotel universe, introducing the fiendish cast that brings the series to life.

Charlie Magne:
At the heart of Hazbin Hotel lies the charismatic and determined princess of Hell, Charlie Magne. With her unwavering optimism and ambitious goal to rehabilitate wayward demons, Charlie sets out on a quest to establish a hotel where sinners can repent and find redemption.

As Charlie’s loyal and fiercely protective girlfriend, Vaggie serves as the hotel’s pragmatic manager. Armed with a sharp wit and a no-nonsense attitude, Vaggie keeps the hotel running smoothly while keeping Charlie’s idealistic dreams in check.

Angel Dust:
Infamous for his provocative demeanor and devilish allure, Angel Dust is a charismatic and seductive demon with a penchant for entertainment. Despite his seductive nature, Angel Dust possesses a caring side that often surprises those who encounter him.

The suave and enigmatic radio host, Alastor, captures the attention of Hell’s inhabitants with his charming voice and infectious laughter. As a powerful and mischievous demon, he holds a deep fascination for Charlie’s mission and becomes an unpredictable ally to the Hazbin Hotel crew.

A gruff and cynical demon with a penchant for alcohol, Husker embodies the jaded side of Hell. With his sardonic wit and rough exterior, he reluctantly joins Charlie’s endeavor, finding himself surprisingly invested in the hotel’s success.

The energetic and bubbly maid of Hazbin Hotel, Nifty, brings a ray of sunshine to the demonic realm. Her cheerful demeanor and eagerness to please make her a valuable asset to the hotel’s operations, even as she grapples with her own tumultuous past.

Sir Pentious:
As a snake-like demon with a penchant for theatrics, Sir Pentious fancies himself as a cunning and sophisticated villain. However, his elaborate schemes often backfire hilariously, making him a comical figure despite his malevolent intentions.

Together, these original characters form the core of the Hazbin Hotel universe, captivating audiences with their unique personalities, witty banter, and compelling storylines. As the series progresses, fans eagerly await the further development of these characters and their misadventures in the realm of Hell.

- Charlie Magne: The Princess of Hell with a Heart of Gold

– Charlie Magne: The Princess of Hell with a Heart of Gold

In the depths of Hell’s fiery abyss, where depravity and chaos reign supreme, a beacon of hope shines forth, illuminating the darkness with its radiant aura. This beacon is Charlie Magne, the Princess of Hell and the embodiment of compassion, seeking to challenge the status quo and bring about a brighter future for the damned souls trapped within the infernal realm.

Charlie Magne is not your average princess. Born to Lucifer, the King of Hell, and Lilith, his alluring queen, she possesses an innate kindness and empathy that sets her apart from the malevolent denizens of her infernal homeland. Rather than embracing the wicked ways of her kin, Charlie has dedicated herself to a noble cause – the redemption of Hell’s sinners.

Driven by an unwavering belief in the potential for change, Charlie established the Happy Hotel, an ambitious establishment nestled within the chaotic landscapes of Hell. This hotel serves as a sanctuary for wayward souls seeking to break free from their sinful habits and embrace a path of righteousness. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering optimism, Charlie welcomes all who come to her seeking redemption, offering them guidance, support, and the chance to turn their lives around.

Charlie’s mission is not without its challenges. The forces of evil that permeate Hell constantly seek to thwart her efforts, testing her resolve and pushing her to the limits of her endurance. Yet, she remains steadfast in her determination, fueled by her unwavering belief in the goodness that lies within even the most depraved of souls. Through her unwavering compassion and unwavering spirit, Charlie inspires those around her, kindling a spark of hope in the darkest corners of Hell.

- Vaggie: Charlie's Loyal Demon Girlfriend and Right-hand Woman

– Vaggie: Charlie’s Loyal Demon Girlfriend and Right-hand Woman

Vaggie is a fictional character from the animated web series, Hazbin Hotel. She is a demon who works as Charlie’s right-hand woman and is fiercely loyal to her. Vaggie is a complex and well-developed character with a tragic backstory and a strong sense of justice. She is a powerful ally to Charlie and is determined to help her achieve her goal of redeeming Hell.


Vaggie is a strong, independent, and confident character. She is also very loyal to Charlie and is always there for her, no matter what. Vaggie is also a bit of a perfectionist and can be very hard on herself. She is also very passionate about her beliefs and is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right. Vaggie is a complex and well-developed character and is one of the most popular characters in Hazbin Hotel.


Vaggie is a tall, slender demon with pale skin, black hair, and red eyes. She has a sharp, angular face and a mischievous smile. She wears a black dress with a red heart-shaped locket. Vaggie also has a pair of wings and a tail. Her wings are black and feathered, and her tail is long and scaly.


Vaggie is a powerful demon with a variety of abilities. She is a skilled fighter and is proficient in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons. She is also a skilled magician and can use her powers to create illusions and curses. Vaggie is also very intelligent and resourceful. She is able to quickly assess a situation and come up with a plan. She is also very determined and is not afraid to face any challenge.


Vaggie has a close relationship with Charlie. She is fiercely loyal to her and is always there for her, no matter what. Vaggie is also very protective of Charlie and is always looking out for her best interests. Vaggie also has a good relationship with Angel Dust. They are both demons and they often work together. They are also good friends and are always there for each other.


Vaggie is a complex and well-developed character who is a powerful ally to Charlie. She is a strong, independent, and confident demon who is also very loyal and protective. Vaggie is also a skilled fighter and a powerful magician. She is a valuable asset to Charlie and is determined to help her achieve her goal of redeeming Hell. She is a complex and well-developed character and is one of the most popular characters in Hazbin Hotel.

- Angel Dust: A Vulgar, Flirty Demon with a Soft Side

– Angel Dust: A Vulgar, Flirty Demon with a Soft Side

Angel Dust, a vivacious imp from the infamous Hazbin Hotel, possesses a multifaceted personality that oscillates between vulgarity and allure, concealing a compassionate core beneath his flamboyant exterior. As one of the hotel’s most prominent residents, he is an embodiment of contradictions, captivating visitors with his irresistible charm and tantalizing demeanor.

His Unforgettable Appearance:

Angel Dust stands out with his striking appearance, adorned with soft pink fur, a mischievous grin, and an infectious charisma. His attire exudes a provocative aura, characterized by skimpy clothing that accentuates his alluring figure. His eyes, gleaming with mischievous intent, hold a captivating allure that draws others into his magnetic presence.

Flirty and Vulgar Nature:

Angel Dust is known for his uninhibited and flirtatious nature, often engaging in suggestive banter and provocative actions. His sharp wit and risqué remarks leave a trail of laughter and blushes in his wake. While his vulgarity may shock some, it is an integral part of his charm, drawing admirers and detractors alike.

Beneath the Rough Exterior:

Despite his brazen facade, Angel Dust harbors a softer side that often catches others by surprise. He possesses a deep-seated empathy and understanding, extending kindness and support to those in need. This vulnerability, glimpsed through his provocative exterior, adds depth to his character and endears him to those who take the time to look beyond his initial bravado.

His Role in the Hazbin Hotel:

As a charismatic and popular resident of the Hazbin Hotel, Angel Dust plays a pivotal role in the establishment’s operations. He often assists Charlie, the hotel’s enthusiastic owner, in her mission to redeem sinners and guide them towards redemption. His knowledge of Hell’s seedy underbelly and his knack for persuasion make him an invaluable asset to the hotel’s success.


Angel Dust’s enigmatic nature, combining vulgarity, flirtatiousness, and a soft heart, captivates and intrigues those who encounter him. He is a quintessential resident of the Hazbin Hotel, adding a vibrant and unpredictable element to the establishment’s quest for redemption. His complex personality ensures that he remains a fan favorite, leaving a lasting impression on all who cross his path.

- Husk: A Bitter, World-Weary Cat Demon with a Dry Sense of Humor

Husk: A Bitter, World-Weary Cat Demon with a Dry Sense of Humor


Husk is an infernal feline demon residing in the wicked depths of Hell, a character steeped in sorrow, cynicism, and an arsenal of razor-sharp witticisms. With his jaded outlook, he epitomizes the disillusioned denizens of this infernal realm. Despite his outwardly gruff demeanor, Husk harbors a wealth of wisdom and a depth of emotion that often belies his sardonic exterior.

Design and Appearance:

Husk‘s corporeal form is that of a sleek black cat, his fur bearing the scars of a tumultuous existence. His eyes, piercing emeralds, seem to carry the weight of countless untold stories. Adorning his left ear is a golden earring, a subtle hint of a former life shrouded in mystery.

Demarcated by time, his feline features reflect the passage of countless eons, each wrinkle a testament to his extended sojourn in the infernal abyss known as Hell. His attire consists of a tattered fedora, its brim pulled low, casting a shadow over his weary eyes, and a threadbare trench coat, weathered and torn, narrating tales of countless trials and tribulations.

Personality and Traits:

Husk is characterized by his acerbic wit and cynical outlook, often employing sarcasm as a shield to mask his inner turmoil. His words, laced with irony and deadpan humor, can cut like a knife, but beneath this caustic facade lies a profound understanding of the human condition, born from eons of observing the follies of mortal kind.

Despite his gruff exterior, Husk possesses a hidden reservoir of empathy, capable of profound compassion and loyalty towards those he deems worthy. However, his trust is not easily earned, as centuries of disappointment have taught him the harsh realities of existence in Hell.

Role in Hell:

Husk frequents Hazbin Hotel, a beacon of hope in the dismal realm of Hell, a sanctuary for those seeking redemption and a fresh start. Within these walls, he dispenses drinks and dispenses sardonic commentary in equal measure, his presence adding a touch of grim reality to the otherwise optimistic atmosphere.


Husk, with his world-weary demeanor and acerbic wit, embodies the quintessential bitter demon of Hell. Yet, beneath his cynical exterior lies a flicker of hope, a desire for something more than the endless cycle of despair that pervades this infernal realm. Whether he will find solace, redemption, or perhaps even love amidst the chaos of Hell remains to be seen.

- Niffty: A Chipper and Eager-to-Please Demon with a Crazed Smile

– Niffty: A Chipper and Eager-to-Please Demon with a Crazed Smile

Niffty is a recurring character in the Hazbin Hotel animated series. She is a small, pink-furred demon with a crazed smile and a love for cleaning.


  • Niffty is a chipper and eager-to-please demon who loves to clean. She is always seen with a smile on her face, and she is always ready to help out.
  • Niffty is a very skilled cleaner, and she takes great pride in her work. She is able to clean anything, from the dirtiest of rooms to the most intricate of objects.
  • Niffty is also a very loyal and devoted friend. She is always there for her friends, and she is always willing to help them out, no matter what.
  • Appearance:

  • Niffty is a small, pink-furred demon with a white belly. She has large, yellow eyes with black sclerae, and she wears a black maid’s outfit with a white apron.
  • Niffty also has a crazed smile that is always present on her face. Her smile is often described as being “unnerving” or “creepy”, but it is also one of her most distinguishing features.
  • Abilities:

  • Niffty is a very skilled cleaner, and she is able to clean anything, from the dirtiest of rooms to the most intricate of objects.
  • Niffty is also a very strong demon, and she is able to lift objects that are much larger than her.
  • Niffty is also a very fast demon, and she is able to move around very quickly.
  • - Alastor: A Charismatic and Powerful Radio Demon with a Dark Past

    – Alastor: A Charismatic and Powerful Radio Demon with a Dark Past

    Alastor: A Charismatic Enigma

    In the bustling depths of Hell, a figure of intrigue and undeniable power emerges: Alastor, the charismatic and enigmatic Radio Demon. With his sharp wit, infectious smile, and mesmerizing presence, Alastor captivates all who cross his path, leaving them both enthralled and wary.

    A Dark History Unveiled

    Beneath the façade of charm and charisma lies a past shrouded in darkness. Alastor’s origins are shrouded in mystery, with rumors of his involvement in the darkest corners of Hell’s underworld. Whispers speak of a ruthless ascent to power, leaving a trail of broken souls and shattered dreams in his wake.

    The Radio Demon’s Influence

    Alastor’s influence extends far beyond his immediate circle. As the self-proclaimed Radio Demon, he commands a vast network of informants and loyal followers, granting him unparalleled access to secrets and power plays within Hell’s hierarchy. His charismatic broadcasts captivate listeners, blurring the lines between entertainment and manipulation.

    Ambiguous Intentions

    Alastor’s true intentions remain veiled in ambiguity. His involvement in the Hazbin Hotel, a rehabilitation project for Hell’s sinners, raises questions about his motivations. Is he genuinely committed to redemption, or does he harbor ulterior motives? His enigmatic nature keeps both allies and enemies on edge, unsure of his ultimate endgame.

    A Force to be Reckoned With

    Despite the lingering shadows of his past, Alastor’s power and influence are undeniable. His mastery over radio waves and his ability to manipulate the very fabric of Hell make him a force to be reckoned with. Friends and foes alike tread carefully in his presence, aware of the immense danger he poses.

    An Unpredictable Future

    Alastor’s unpredictable nature and enigmatic persona make it impossible to predict his future actions. Will he embrace the path of redemption or succumb to the allure of darkness? His choices will undoubtedly shape the destiny of Hell itself.

    - Valentino: A Stylish and Sinister Demon Lord with a Thirst for Power

    – Valentino: A Stylish and Sinister Demon Lord with a Thirst for Power

    Valentino: A Stylish and Sinister Demon Lord with a Thirst for Power

    Enter the world of Hazbin Hotel, where Valentino stands as a prominent figure, notorious for his stylish demeanor and sinister ambitions. As a powerful demon lord, he commands respect and fear among his peers, driven by an insatiable thirst for power and dominance.

    Valentino’s Stylish Allure: A Charismatic Facade

    Valentino exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance, captivating those around him with his charming smile and impeccable attire. Beneath this veneer of charisma, however, lies a cunning and ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

    Unwavering Thirst for Power: Ambition Knows No Bounds

    Power is the lifeblood of Valentino’s existence. He craves it with an intensity that drives him to manipulate, deceive, and eliminate anyone who stands in his way. His unwavering ambition knows no bounds, and he relishes the challenge of outsmarting his rivals.

    Ruthless Tactics and Devious Schemes: A Mastermind at Work

    Valentino operates in the shadows, employing a combination of cunning and brutality to achieve his objectives. He masterminds elaborate schemes, orchestrating events to serve his purpose, and revels in the chaos and suffering he inflicts upon others.

    A Sinister Alliance: Valentino and Vox’s Twisted Partnership

    In the treacherous world of Hell, Valentino has forged an alliance with the equally ambitious Vox, another formidable demon lord. Together, they form a formidable force, combining their powers and resources to expand their territory and amass more wealth.

    Valentino’s Weakness: A Flaw that May Prove Fatal

    Despite his cunning and power, Valentino harbors a fatal flaw: his overconfidence. He often underestimates the strength and determination of his opponents, leading to costly mistakes that could ultimately lead to his downfall.

    - Velvet: Valentino's Cold and Calculating Wife with a Deadly Secret

    – Velvet: Valentino’s Cold and Calculating Wife with a Deadly Secret

    In the labyrinthine depths of Hell’s illustrious Hazbin Hotel, a figure of enigmatic allure and deadly cunning emerges from the shadows: Velvet, the so-called wife of the notorious Valentino. With a name as soft as her touch, she beguiles those who dare to venture near, concealing a steely resolve and a heart as cold as the abyss itself. Her stunning crimson locks cascade like a river of blood, framing piercing eyes that gleam with a chilling intelligence, capable of seeing through the facades of even the most cunning demons. Velvet’s porcelain skin, as smooth and pale as the finest china, belies the deadly secrets hidden beneath.

    As Valentino’s spouse, Velvet moves with an air of calculated grace through the treacherous corridors of power in Hell. She wields influence with the finesse of a master manipulator, her words laced with honeyed promises and veiled threats, leaving her adversaries ensnared in her web of deceit. Behind her charming smile and captivating demeanor lies a ruthless strategist, adept at playing both sides of the game, always maneuvering to secure her own position and further her ambitions. Her loyalty, ever shifting like the sands of time, is a treacherous minefield for those who dare to trust her.

    Beneath the veil of her impeccable elegance, Velvet harbors a deadly secret, a power she keeps hidden from the prying eyes of Hell’s denizens. This secret, a potent curse that courses through her veins, grants her the ability to manipulate shadows, bending them to her will like a puppeteer controlling his marionettes. With a mere gesture, she can conjure forth shadowy tendrils that slither and coil around her victims, ensnaring them in a suffocating embrace or transforming them into grotesque parodies of their former selves. Her mastery over shadows is a formidable weapon, one that she wields with ruthless efficiency, leaving her enemies quivering in terror.

    - Rosie: Velvet's Silent and Deadly Bodyguard with a Mysterious Past

    – Rosie: Velvet’s Silent and Deadly Bodyguard with a Mysterious Past

    In the glittering underworld of Hazbin Hotel, where demons and sinners indulge in their darkest desires, there exists an enigmatic figure known as Rosie. She is the formidable bodyguard of Velvet, the charismatic and cunning owner of the luxurious establishment. With her stoic demeanor, sharp instincts, and unwavering loyalty, Rosie ensures Velvet’s safety amidst the treacherous landscape of Hell.

    A Silent Guardian: Rosie is a woman of few words, her silence adding an aura of mystery to her presence. Her piercing gaze, however, speaks volumes, conveying an unwavering determination and a keen awareness of her surroundings. Despite her taciturn nature, Rosie’s actions speak louder than any words. Her swift movements, precise strikes, and uncanny ability to anticipate danger make her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

    Deadly Protector: Beneath Rosie’s quiet exterior lies a deadly arsenal of skills honed through years of rigorous training and countless battles. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat, her strikes swift and lethal. Her expertise extends to various weapons, from knives and daggers to firearms, each handled with deadly precision. Rosie’s combat prowess is a testament to her unwavering dedication to protecting Velvet, eliminating any threat that dares to challenge her charge’s safety.

    Mysterious Past: Rosie’s enigmatic nature is further amplified by her shrouded past. Little is known about her origins or the events that led her to become Velvet’s bodyguard. Some whisper of a troubled childhood, others speculate about a tragic loss that fueled her desire for unwavering loyalty. The truth remains concealed beneath a veil of secrecy, adding to Rosie’s allure and mystique.

    In the treacherous underworld of Hazbin Hotel, Rosie stands as a symbol of unwavering protection and silent strength. Her unwavering loyalty to Velvet and her mysterious past make her an intriguing and captivating figure, leaving those who encounter her wondering about the secrets she holds.

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