Easy-Peasy Lemonade Recipe for Hot Summer Days ☀️

Easy-Peasy Lemonade Recipe for Hot Summer Days

Create a refreshing experience for your taste buds with our Easy-Peasy Lemonade Recipe, perfect for those scorching summer days. This simple yet delightful beverage will keep you cool and hydrated, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor gathering or a relaxing day by the pool.


  • 4 large lemons, juiced
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 cups cold water
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh mint leaves for garnish


  1. In a small saucepan, combine the sugar with 1 cup of water. Heat over medium heat, stirring until the sugar completely dissolves to create a simple syrup. Let it cool.
  2. In a large pitcher, combine the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the remaining 3 cups of cold water.
  3. Add the prepared simple syrup to the lemon-water mixture and stir well to combine.
  4. Refrigerate the lemonade for at least 1-2 hours to chill.
  5. Serve the lemonade over ice cubes in glasses, garnished with fresh mint leaves.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Serves: 4

This Easy-Peasy Lemonade Recipe is a quick and refreshing drink that’s perfect for beating the summer heat. With just a few ingredients and simple steps, you’ll have a deliciously tangy and sweet lemonade ready to enjoy.

Nutritional information per serving: Calories 120, Total Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 5mg, Total Carbohydrates 32g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugars 28g, Protein 0g

Conclude your summer adventures with a glass of this Easy-Peasy Lemonade. Sip, relax, and let the zesty flavors transport you to a refreshing oasis amidst the summer heat. Cheers to endless sunny days and the simple joys of life!

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